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Turbo Instant Membership Builder is a revolutionary new one of a kind software that allows you to password protected an online area and also establish a user management system with just some clicks. It is designed to cut out all the complicated steps in installing a members' area and setting up the membership's options by offering you only what you need!

Here's how it works in 4 simple steps:
    • Upload the files of Turbo Instant Membership Builder in the same directory where your downloads or thank you pages are located
    • Login to the protected administration area.
    • Create a registration code (even its expiration date) and control the number of IP addresses a member can use when logging into your protected area.
    • Deliver the registration link and the registration code to your legitimate customers.

  Basic Version
   Pro Version
Protect Folder Yes Yes
Manage Members Yes Yes
Block Content Yes Yes
Admin Panel Yes Yes
Add/Ban/Delete Users Yes Yes
Registration Form Yes Yes
Reset Password Yes Yes
Code Generator Yes Yes
Create Protected Pages No Yes
Upload & Protect Files No Yes
Aweber Integration No Yes
JVZoo Integration No Yes
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** Basic version will also protect files and pages within the protected area, but they must be created and uploaded manually. Pro version has its own page builder and file uploader in the admin panel